Norway Joins the Action in Civilization VI

Norway, led by Viking King Hardrada is announced as the latest society to join Civilization VI.

Great Viking King Harald Hardrada leads Norway as it enters the world of Civilization VI. As a Viking King, Hardrada is a magnificent warrior, known as the “Devastator of the Bulgarians”. Leading Norway through times of great progress, he brings new units and structures to the game. With his unique ability Thunderbolt of the North Hardrada's melee naval units can perform coastal raids. 


The impression that all Vikings are rage filled, blood thirsty killing machines is brought to life in the Berserkers. Performing superhuman feats as they battle with an undeniable rage, these units are ready to cut down any who get in their path. 

Long Ships

Long ships were invented by the Vikings as a way of conducting trade, exploring the world around them and battling. Small in width, they were easily maneuvered and meant that no area was safe from invasion. Being lightweight in design they could be carried over land.

Stave Church

An iconic piece of Norwegian architecture, the Stave Church has been replicated around the world for its unique wooden corner embellishments. Originals of this building exist only in Norway. The Stave Church gives bonuses to Faith when it is built next to a wooded area. 

As a completely new society to the Civilization series, Norway is bringing out all the stops. Will you be playing as Norway when Civilization VI releases?


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Published Dec. 19th 2019

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