World of Final Fantasy's Recent Screenshots Show New Heroes and Villains

World of Final Fantasy's new screenshots give us previews of heroes like Vivi and villains like the Dark Knight Brendires.

Square Enix has released a number of new screenshots for their upcoming RPG, World of Final Fantasy. These screenshots provide more insight on the heroes and villains of the game, including Legend Characters like Vivi of Final Fantasy IX.

Other previously revealed heroes who are also featured in these new screenshots include Cloud, Yuna, and Lightning from past Final Fantasy installments. These heroes will later befriend characters called mirages -- these include the Undead Princess, Deskar, and Odin.

The villains shown include the commander of the Bahamut Army, Dark Knight Brendires, and an officer of the Army named Zona Seeker. A number of Bahamut soldiers also show up in the screenshots. Lastly, we see a masked woman among them. The identity of the woman remains unknown, and it's unclear whether she is a hero or a villain.

World of Final Fantasy was first announced in 2015. It is a chibi-art style RPG focused on younger players, imitating the gameplay of the series’ earlier games. As of yet, there is no word of an official release date. All we know is that the game will release on PS Vita and PlayStation 4 sometime this year.  


Published Jun. 6th 2016

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