Sign Up Open for Elder Scrolls Online BETA

TESO beta is open. GO NOW!

Sign ups for The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta was just announced by the TESO team on Facebook.

You know what this means.


[Sign up for TESO Beta Here]

The beta sign up page is pretty slick, it even includes a meter to tell you how likely your application is to be accepted based on your inputs.


... Right after I play with the form for 20 minutes

Anyone else make their application 10 minutes late because they were too busy playing with the acceptance meter?


Hey, if they didn't want us to play around with it, they shouldn't have made it so much like a character generator. I lose whole hours just changing noses and trying on virtual hairstyles; why wouldn't I spend a few extra minutes fooling with answers to see what makes the little progress bar change my chances at the coolest MMO beta of the year?

I couldn't resist clicking around and changing answers to see what made the meter shift. In the end, of course, I changed everything back to accurately reflect my experience.

Good luck everyone!

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Published Aug. 25th 2017
  • Dave Kingman
    I did not even come close to achieving excellence. No suprise here. I can't wait for this game, it is gonna be awesome!
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Sadly, I wasn't able to achieve excellence. But I did at least manage to be above average!!
  • GL_Stephenasdasdasdasdasdasd
    I achieved excellent without any reality manipulation! Take that character generator form!

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