Chain Strike Tier List

From five-star SS tier Guardians down to lowly one-star cannon fodder, these are all the characters you want to summon (or avoid) to master Chain Strike!

Mobile fantasy strategy brawler Chain Strike features an absolutely massive number of potential Guardians to utilize -- so many so that we haven't even found them all yet!

Obviously, not all Guardians are created equal, and some are just plain better than others for advancing through adventure levels. Players can take advantage of multiple free Guardian summons every day, so you won't ever have a shortage of them, even if you don't grind away constantly.

Want to know how to reroll your starting Guardian to get a higher-star character? Check out our full Chain Strike Reroll Guide here. For those wondering how their Guardian list stacks up against other players, check out our tier list below.

 Summoning new Guardians is the heart and soul of the game

Chain Strike Tier Lists 

Although the tiers tend to go along star lines, several factors can radically change a Guardian's ranking, from attack direction to enemy formation, whether you are using auto-battle, and even if you are in PvE or PvP.

Team composition is critical, and in some cases, an SS tier Guardian can get totally wrecked by B tier Guardians if the team isn't meshing effectively. Guardians aren't static and unchanging, so they can also vary widely in their utility based on their equipment and upgrades.

For our Chain Strike tier list purposes, we're taking a generalized PvE approach to the rankings. While there will be some individual adventure levels where B characters actually work out better than SS, in general, the higher-tier Guardians will have better abilities and stats for most PvE situations.

Chain Strike SS Tier Guardians

Guardian Stars Type
 Hades  5  Support
 Diaz  5  Attack
 Lu Bu  5  HP
 Hwaryong  5  Support
 Kaos  5  Attack
 Lord Dragon  5  Attack
 Krishna  5  Defense
 Mountain Spirit  5  Defense
 Soulless  5  Defense
 Seimei  5  Attack
 Skuld  5  Support


Chain Strike A Tier Guardians

Guardian Stars Type
 Shayde  4  HP
 Finn  3  Attack
 Stein  5  Support
 Valkyrja  5  HP
 Ankilo  4  Defense
 Aikan  4  Defense
 Anubis  4  Defense
 Anonymous  4  Attack
 Averna  4  Attack
 Frankenstein  4  Defense
 Claudia  4  Support
 Hamelon  4  Attack
 Azurok  4  Attack
 Carly  4  Attack
Sarin  4  Attack
 Francisco  4  Support
 Juan  4  Attack
 Inferno  4  Attack
Indra   4  Defense
 Laon  4  Attack
 Johannes  4  Support
Kalius  4  HP
 Maria  4  HP
Lirina  4  Attack
 Medusa  4  Support
 Poisedon  4  Support
 Milah  4  Defense
 Ming Ming  4  Defense
 Nepur  4  Attack
Robin Hood   4  Attack
Succubus  4  Attack


Chain Strike B Tier Guardians

Guardian Stars Type
 Cassandra  4  Support
 Mirang  4  Support
 Siella  4   Support
ST-003   4  Support
 Undertaker  4  Defense
 Syledrin  4  Attack
 Violet  4  Support
 Sylvia  4  Attack
 Xiaowy  4  Defense
 Badka  3  Attack
 Daruth  3  HP
 Aegeus  3  HP
 Arakune  3  Support
 Clink  3  Support
 Fierce Tiger  3  Defense
Grion   3  HP
 Dunkell  3  HP
Edele   3  HP
 Gigantur  3  Defense
 Howler  3  HP
 Ladark  3  HP
Killbe   3  Defense
 Matoaka  3 Support 
 Laikanof  3  Support
 Langmar  3  Defense
 Luarg  3  Support
 Laval  3  Defense
 Ms Dale  3  Attack
 Lucian  3  Attack
 Neebe  3  Defense
 Ocean Maiden  3  Support
Rex   3  Support
 Prebella  3  Support
 Raven   3  Support
 Seemus  3  Attack
 Saintmont  3   HP
Sharma    3  Support
 Trancher  3  Defense
 Sinkus  3  HP
 Stella  3  Support
 Stupy  3  Support
 Taylor  3  Support
 Arin  2  Support
 Igniz  2  Support
 Biblio  2  HP
 Hanson  2  HP
 Layce  2  Defense
 Lieutenant Chicken  2  Attack
 Caesar  2  Attack
 Cobalt  2  Attack
 Glasher  2  Defense
 Papa  2  Support
 Sneaky  2  Attack
 Yeti  2  Defense


Chain Strike C Tier Guardians

This C tier consists of those wonderfully useless 1 star Guardians that have rock bottom stats. Keep in mind, though, that even these Guardians can be upgraded in useful ways, and some have unexpected uses (like the Angel's Revival skill that auto-resurrects a defeated Guardian in battle).

Guardian Stars Type
 Angeling  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
 Duckie  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
 Deviling  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
Jelliling  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
Magmaling  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
Slaling  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
Toffee  1  Useless Cannon Fodder
Whaleling  1  Useless Cannon Fodder


Duckie, a lowly one-star character in Chain Strike 
Cool, a duckie. That should help me fight massive fantasy battles somehow.

What Guardians have you found that we missed, and would you change our rankings at all? Let us know your best SS, A, B, and C tier Guardian rankings in the comments below!

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Published Apr. 9th 2018

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