Chain Strike Reroll Guide

Didn't get that 5-star Guardian you wanted after the tutorial? With a little rerolling, you can snag a higher-tier Chain Strike character on your Android device.

Another freemium mobile fantasy battle game with randomized character drops has landed, and you know what that means -- beating the system with endless Chain Strike rerolls until you find the perfect five- or six-star character!

At launch, there are over 200 Guardians, but the chances of getting a natural 5-star Guardian in the randomized drops is extremely low (estimated at less than 1 percent). That drop rate is so low, in fact, that people in forums are charging a fee to go about constant rerolling for you until they hit the specific Guardian and star level you want!

For the do-it-yourself crowd, there is a way to reset the progress of the tutorial and "reroll" the random starting Guardian to get a (hopefully) better character, although it is a rather in-depth process that is time-consuming. If you just absolutely have to game the system and get the best starting Guardian, though, we've got you covered with details on the full Chain Strike rerolling process. 

Note: the instructions below are for Android/Google Play. You may need to choose slightly different options if you are using an iOS device.

Rerolling Chain Strike Guardians

Yeah, this process is cheating to a crazy degree (and honestly, with the low drop rate, you are probably better off from a time investment standpoint just spending the time improving characters in-game instead of rerolling forever), but we already know most of you are going to ignore that advice, so let's get to it.

Install the Chain Strike app and proceed through the extra file download and tutorial, hitting Skip when necessary. Eventually you will get a few prompts to either allow or deny the app to access data. When you reach the screen asking for permission to access your email address and link your Google Play account to the game, hit Deny.

Here you can either choose Guest Play, or, if you intend to do this dozens of times and want to send yourself friend requests for the extra perks of bringing on new players, you could set up a couple of dozen extra email addresses and enter one of those instead.

From there, hit Skip to bypass the first tutorial combat entirely. Next, follow the forced tutorial prompts to reach the first stage battle.

the skip button is highlighted in a screenshot from Chain Strike 
That button in the top-right corner is going to be your best friend 

Following the Victory Wall segment, you can choose the "2X" option to speed things up. Manually finish that battle, then go through yet more forced tutorial sections that can't be skipped.

In the next combat, you can finally turn on the auto battle option to speed up these tutorial segments even further. Proceed through the game until you finish the ninth stage battle, at which point you will get to collect your special rewards and are guaranteed a 3-4 star Guardian and all the special perks are fully accrued for a new player.

If you got the Guardian you want, then great, keep going and link your Google Play account at this point. If you didn't, then it's time for the actual "reroll," which involves deleting the whole game and starting over.

Uninstall the game as normal, but then open up your mobile device's file browser and navigate to the path data/data/ Manually delete the file named "real_Hivev2Prop.dat" to fully remove Chain Strike from your device. At this point, reinstall the game and start the process over with a new email address or as a guest player.

Keep going through the process until you hit that high-star Guardian you've always wanted.

Again, it's completely possible to get a weaker Guardian all the way to six stars just by proceeding through the game normally, so this is a lot of effort if you don't hit pay dirt in your first few rerolls, but we know some of you obsessive gamers are going to do this hundreds of times to get the perfect Guardian.

Be sure to let us know your best starting Guardian and how many times you had to reroll to get it!

Image of Lord Dragon, a six-star Guardian in Chain Strike that many will be rerolling to try and obtain 
Go for the highest-star rating Guardian you can get!

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Published Apr. 3rd 2018

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