Skullgirls: Super and DHC Filmstrips Make Blockbusters More Cinematic

Graphical changes to specials are coming to Skullgirls.

Super moves are featured in a lot of fighting games. Sometimes, they're simply just fancy moves with very slight alterations ala the King of Fighters series and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Sometimes, they're overly complicated and can be quite time consuming like the Ultra moves in Street Fighter IV. Skullgirls supers have been on the tame side. Until now.

The art team at Lab Zero Games has decided to spruce up the Blockbuster moves (supers) in Skullgirls adding a filmstrip of the character to the side whenever she performs a super. It's a nice middle ground between plain and flashy.

For comparison, a video of the old style Blockbuster moves is provided below.

It's awesome to see that the team is not only dedicated to the DLC from their Indiegogo campaign but are tweaking the game itself to give it a bit more flair. Lab Zero Games, why does your game look so good?

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Published May. 10th 2013

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