Heroes of the Storm Update Brings Long-Awaited Brawl Mode

After its announcement at Blizzcon, the renamed Arena mode makes its fast-paced and chaotic debut today!

BlizzCon 2015 saw the announcement of Arena, a non-competitive mode for Heroes of the Storm that featured a wide variety of downsized maps, random modifiers, and ridiculous character combinations. After nearly a year of waiting, the release of this mode is finally upon us!

Perhaps the biggest update to the game since its launch, the rebranded Heroes Brawl mode takes after the similarly named modes in Hearthstone and Overwatch before it. Each week will see a new Brawl implemented, ranging from standard maps with altered rulesets to unique smaller maps built just for frantic battles between whole teams of the same hero.

Participating in three of these Brawls per week will net rewards in the form of unique portraits, as well as hefty sums of in-game currency for acquiring those interesting Heroes that Blizzard is continually adding.

And speaking of Heroes, this patch also heralds the arrival of the latest addition to the Nexus: Samuro, the Orc Blademaster. Featuring a kit almost straight out of Warcraft 3, he’s sure to be an interesting addition to the cast. You can watch his spotlight above, or check out his official trailer for more information.

Heroes of the Storm never quite made a big splash in the MOBA scene, and it seemed to lurk in the shadows while Blizzard paraded Overwatch to an adoring world. Despite this comparative lack of marketing and hype, the development team for Heroes of the Storm has been working continually to improve and balance the game while adding a steady stream of new content. 

Check out the official Heroes Brawl website. The patch should be live to play on October 18th from 9am PST.

See you in the Nexus!


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Published Oct. 18th 2016

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