Battleborn: The Ambitious Project of Gearbox Software

A new shooter game is hitting our systems in May, 2016.

Battleborn is a new shooter game set to be released in May, 2016. It is being created by Gearbox Software, a well known company that has developed a large number of popular games such as Counter-Strike, Brothers In Arms, and Half-Life. The last game the company released was Borderlands in 2009. Battleborn will be published by 2K Games, and released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

This game is reportedly the most ambitious project by Gearbox Software, so it is not the wrong to think that this game will break new ground in the game industry. Battleborn is a first person shooting game featurng 25 heroes in a multiplayer battle arena. Each character will have different abilities, weapons and equipment. They will be controlled by artificial intelligence, which will be an advanced feature of this game.

Battleborn takes place in the distant future, where heroes and universe are different from anything we can imagine. The game already has a very large number of fans awaiting the day when will see it on the market.  


Published Mar. 13th 2016

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