If You're a Minecraft and Pokemon Lover, You Need to Check out the Pokefind Server

PokéFind is a vanilla Minecraft server that brings together the two ultimate joys of life: Minecraft and Pokémon.

Ever wanted to play Minecraft and get your Pokémon-related needs fulfilled at the same time? Now you can.

Launched in February, PokéFind is an exciting vanilla Minecraft world where players can find, catch, and battle Pokémon. The server features trainer levels, towns, gyms, trading, PokéMarts, and PokéStops. 

With around 1,000 to 2,000 players logged in at a time, and some spikes almost filling up the 3,000-player server capacity, Pokéfind has a steady and loyal player base. They even have their own Discord channel. 

Ready to play? Here's how to log onto the server:

  1. Launch Minecraft on your PC.
  2. Choose Multiplayer mode. 
  3. Select Direct Connect.
  4. Under Server Address, type in: play.pokefind.co
  5. Click Join Server, or just press enter. 

Upon logging into the server, players are encouraged to install a custom resource pack. Selecting Yes will quickly add the resource pack. Although it's listed as a recommendation, you won't be able to play if you don't install the pack. 

Upon installation, you are free to interact with the world. Now your task is to choose one of the many sub-servers to join. To bring up the server list, either walk to Professor Hemlock and right click him, or right click anywhere with your compass in hand. Once you've pulled the map up, double click on any one of the server blocks to join. 

Upon choosing a specific server, you and Professor Hemlock arrive in the Pokémon Lab. You should have a Pokédex, Poké Tracker, Trainer Card, Trainer Handbook, and running shoes in your inventory. Hover over each item to read more about what they are. Make sure to read through your Trainer Handbook—that will be your most important tool in understanding the server.

Once you’re ready, choose your starter Pokémon. Choose wisely, as this Pokémon is permanent and non-tradable. Upon making your choice, you and your newly acquired Pokémon will spawn in Tutorial Building in Finderia Town. You can walk outside right away to join the outside world, or you can stick around and read the informational boards on catching, battling, and gyms.

Simply explore each region of the map to find Pokémon. Once you’ve found one, throw your Pokéballs until it’s successfully caught. Know that Pokémon are automatically saved to your character, as with the rest of your progress in the world.

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Once you’ve had your fun exploring and you’re ready to battle Pokémon, throw down your Pokémon next to your intended target and select what battle skills your Pokémon should use. Keep in mind that if you wish to battle in gyms, you will only be able to do so once you reach trainer level 5. Once you're at this level, you can join a team and participate in all gym activities.

If your Pokémon ever need to be healed, use the server shortcut /spawn to instantly head back to the Pokémon Center. Speak to Nurse Kelly once inside. Additionally, while here, you can let your Pokémon go or place any eggs you have in the incubator.

Eggs in PokéFind can only be bought from the online store. Exclusive trainer ranks, bikes, and hats can also be bought by those who wish to support the server. 

If you're interested in joining the PokéFind server, you can! But first be sure to read and thoroughly understand the server, Discord, and forum rules

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Published Oct. 20th 2017

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