Darksburg Early Access Lets You Slay Zombie Hordes in Medieval Left 4 Dead

After a closed beta period, this isometric take on the Left 4 Dead formula from Shiro Games is now prowling Steam.

Since Left 4 Dead 3 will never see the light of day, we have to look elsewhere to satiate our zombie-slaying desires. If you're not into the recent Zombie Army 4: Dead War, a new 4-player, co-op zombie-killing experience hit Steam Early Access this morning.

Darksburg is an isometric take on the co-op zombie-slaying genre and comes from Shiro Games, the development team behind evolutionary RPG Evoland and RTS title Northgard.

You can jump into the Early Access version of the game on Steam for $17.99. Currently, the game only has three game types and five maps. Players can choose from four "survivors, including Sister Abigail, a holy nun hell-bent on saving her home, and Varag, a wolfman whose ferocity is matched only by his taste for undead flesh."

Want to know more of what to expect before buying into Early Access? Check out the release trailer above and can read our beta impressions of the isometric, fantasy-style L4D over here

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Published Feb. 12th 2020

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