Dragon Nest EU Giving Out Closed Beta Keys

Dragon Nest EU's beta is just a few days away. Are you ready?

Dragon Nest Europe is going into Closed Beta on February 27, and publisher eFusion MMOG GmbH has begun passing out beta keys for those interested.

Over 100,000 closed beta keys are being given out via other gaming outlets and on the official site. If you're looking to get one straight from the source, you're going to have to do a little bit of Dragon Nest promotion yourself.

In order to get a CB key from the official site, you must post the game's EU launch trailer on your social networking page, blog, or elsewhere. Take a screenshot and mail it to [email protected] to be given your key anytime before February 26.

This sounds like a little too much effort to get into a closed beta for my tastes. If you don't have acting as a promotional platform in you, most MMORPG portals will be giving them away over the next two weeks.

No character wipes?

Most publishers wipe their character database after closed beta has ended. eFusion MMOG intends to do so as well -- unless Dragon Nest EU reaches over 8,000 concurrent users. Should the player numbers meet that goal, all characters will be left intact for the beginning of open beta, starting on March 6.

Considering how long it took for Dragon Nest to even reach the closed beta phase in Europe, it's a bit surprising that they're rushing straight into open beta (and likely full launch soon after).

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Published Feb. 21st 2013

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