Angry Birds Blog in Full Swing to Keep You Informed

The Angry Birds Website gets an overhaul that is easier and more convenient for players to stay informed.

Angry Birds released in 2009 and has consistently stayed on the top of the app charts ever since. The game is simple, fling birds towards a structure-and often pigs-to knock it down. Although it has a simple concept the app is addicting and challenging for hours of entertainment. 

There are dozens of different versions of the Angry Birds game such as Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, and most recently Angry Birds Stella. All of which are located on the new Angry Birds Blog that just rolled out a few days ago.

The new site has all sorts of bells and whistles that help users to navigate their way to finding the perfect Angry Birds themed entertainment. They have toons that take the game's characters and give them more personality and there is also a Fan section that allows you to upload any fan art that you've made and discuss with your fellow bird connoisseurs. definitely has been a major improvement from their last site and frequent site visitors have commented saying wonderful sentiments like "I like it! The site's a LOT better than the old one! :)" 

The game has launched into an empire of entertainment and this is only the beginning for the team! I can't wait to see what they come out with in the future. Check out the polished site and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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Published Apr. 17th 2014

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