Biomutant First Rotation Puzzle Solution Bunker 101

The first rotation puzzle in Biomutant tasks you with turning knobs on a projector. Here's the solution.

Biomutant puzzles are bountiful. The world of Experiment 101's action RPG is full of brain teasers that can provide you with lore or new items. Others open new areas of exploration. Some require you to make certain rotations, while others require you to put wires in certain places on a circuit board. You will find the first puzzle in Bunker 101. It's a rotation type, and it charges you with solving it in 10 moves or fewer. 

The Biomutant Bunker 101 rotation puzzle is fairly easy to solve. But if you don't know what the colors on the projector mean, then you could have some trouble. The guide below tells you where to find the first puzzle in the game, as well as how to solve it. 

Biomutant First Puzzle Solution: Bunker 101 Projector Rotation

You'll find the first puzzle shortly after defeating the three Morks (Bio-Creeps) in Bunker 101. These will give you your first Bio Points.

Afterward, you'll climb a chain, go down some stairs, and then go through two rooms before coming to a large, green board that tells you about the Arks. The projector puzzle is in the next room, to the right when you enter the door.

Interact with the projector, and you'll be met with a tutorial telling you how to solve these puzzle types and how to rotate the three nobs on the projector.

As a quick refresher, you'll need to match the colors on the nobs with the colors on the projector. White matches with white, and orange/yellow matches with orange/yellow. On console, RB/RT turns a nob right; LB/LT turns a knob left. On PC, "E" turns a nob right; "Q" turns a nob left. 

To solve this rotation puzzle

  • Turn the first knob to the right once
  • Turn the second knob to the right once
  • Turn the third knob to the right twice

Once you complete the puzzle, the projector will turn on and give you a bit of lore about the world before. Many puzzles in Biomutant are like the first rotation puzzle, tasking you with aligning colors in a specific way with a limited number of moves. Some can't be solved in 10 moves, so you'll need to invest in more Intellect if you want to complete them all. 

Now that you know how to solve the first puzzle in Biomutant in Bunker 101, you've got a good idea of how to complete others further into your adventure. For more tips, consider heading over to our Biomutant guides hub.  

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Published May. 26th 2021

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