Biomutant Class Guide: The Best Biomutant Breeds and Classes

Wondering what the best Biomutant class to start with is? Wonder no more.

You’re hit with several Biomutant class choices as soon as you fire up the game: five breed choices and five class choices. What Biomutant class to choose depends mostly on what you want for your early-game combat style and which weapons you prefer.

The same goes for what Biomutant breed to pick, though to a lesser extent. Each specializes in a specific stat, but you can augment their stats right after picking a breed anyway. Our Biomutant breed and class guide breaks it all down for you.

Biomutant Breed Guide

Here’s the gist for each Biomutant breed and the best mutations for each.


  • All-rounder
  • Good starter character
  • No major drawbacks or benefits
  • Mutate as you see fit


  • Slight edge in physical strength
  • Good for melee classes
  • Focus on strength and vitality for mutations


  • Slight boost in Ki Energy
  • Best for Psi Freak, but high energy makes it an agile melee fighter too
  • Focus on intellect and agility if you go the Psi Freak route or strength for anything else


  • More armor
  • Biomutant’s version of a tank, good for tackling hard mode
  • Mix strength and vitality to turn your Hyla into a boulder-punching champion


  • Biggest Ki boost
  • Primarily suited for Psi skills
  • Intellect and agility to keep your Fip alive so they can fire off those skills


I honestly had a difficult time figuring out what the Murgel was supposed to be for since its stats are almost identical to the Primal. Your best bet is just picking one of the more unique breeds.

Biomutant Mutate Your Character

After picking a breed, you’ll need to mutate them. I’ve outlined above what the best mutations are for each breed, but the good thing about Biomutant mutations is that it doesn’t matter. You can pump all your points into strength for a Rex, for example, then add to Intellect with Upgrade Points every time you level up.

The only other important thing to note is that it’s best not to pour your initial mutation points into Charm on this screen. You won’t need high Charm for a while, but you will need higher attack, defense, and so on.

Biomutant Class Guide

After finishing your initial mutations, you’ll need to pick one of five Biomutant classes. These don’t affect your stats outside Luck, but they do determine your starting weapon and skills. As with mutations, you aren’t locked out of learning most skills later on, however, with just one exception.

Biomutant Dead Eye Class

  • Weapon — two-handed sword
  • Skill — Perfect Reload, chance to immediately replenish ammo and deal extra ranged damage
  • Good for — physical units, such as Dumdon or Primal
  • Worth it — Not really. The skill’s low activation chance means you don’t get much benefit here.

Biomutant Commando Class

  • Weapon — Rifle
  • Skill — Fury, deals 10% more damage with ranged attacks
  • Good for — Any breed
  • Worth it — Yes. Rifles have smaller magazines, but dealing 10% more damage with a ranged weapon is excellent since you’ll rely on ranged weapons throughout the game. Commando Perks bolster your defense at low health too, making it a good fit for Hyla if you go the tank route.

Biomutant Psi Freak Class

  • Weapon — Unarmed/fists
  • Skill — Spark Ball, class-exclusive Psi skill that lets you shoot electricity from your hands. 
  • Skill — Mega Mind, increases energy recovery by 20%
  • Good for — Rex and Fip
  • Worth it — Yes. Spark Ball is a handy complement to your ranged weapons, and you can increase your unarmed damage soon after starting the game. If you pair Psi Freak with a melee class, you’ll benefit from energy recovery anyway since it means you can dodge more. Perks are a bit boring, but the base class is strong without them.

Biomutant Saboteur Class

  • Weapon — Guns
  • Skill — Dual Wield, immediately unlocks dual wield weapons
  • Skill — Hypergenetic, reduces dodge roll energy consumption by 20%
  • Good for — Any breed
  • Worth it — Yes. Dual Wield is just plain fun to use, and anything that reduces your stamina is worthwhile. Saboteur Perks boost agility and stamina further, so you'll eventually be at a point where almost nothing can land a hit.

Biomutant Sentinel Class

  • Weapon — Smashing melee weapon
  • Skill — Toughness, increases armor by 10%
  • Good for — Fip for the armor boost or Hyla to buff defense even more.
  • Worth it — Sort of. If you’re building a tank or want some free extra armor for your melee fighter, it’s okay. Smashing melee weapons are fun and effective, however, and you won’t get one in the story for a while otherwise. Sentinel Perks are all over the place — health regen and attack boost, for example — which is good for rounding off rough edges, but not excelling in any one thing.

Biomutant Mercenary Class

  • Weapon — One-handed swords
  • Skill — Silver Grip, begin the game with dual-wield melee unlocked
  • Skill — Fury, increases melee damage by 10%
  • Good for — Any breed, thanks to its perks
  • Worth it — Yes. If you pre-ordered Biomutant and received a Mercenary DLC code, it's absolutely worth using. The Mercenary perks make it one of the most well-rounded classes in the game, with increased energy recovery, armor, and even a Perk to reduce enemy accuracy.

That's all you need to know about Biomutant classes and breeds, but stick around for more Biomutant guides in the coming days.


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Published May. 26th 2021

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