SNK Could Developing a New 3D Title

Could the once legendary developer be reborn in the next gen?

SNK Playmore is best remembered as SNK, the company behind the Neo Geo home/arcade machine from the 1990s. I personally have a ton of fond memories from getting yearly King of Fighters games, to obscure classics like Windjammers.

As a developer SNK has been a little more quiet this console generation, only releasing 2 KOF games (although KOF XIII is an amazing game). The rest of SNK Playmore's business consist of Japanese Pachislot machines... and has been that way since the current parent company bought SNK out of bankruptcy. 

We haven't seen 3D games from SNK since the Playstation 2 era with the King of Fighters Maximum Impact games (and their weird Falcoon designs), and a god-awful 3D Metal Slug that we'll pretend never existed.

If this job listing is any indication though, it seems they are looking to beef up their software division once again. The latest update on their website also shows some 3D renders of Nakoruru, MOTW Terry, Haohmaru, Geese Howard, and a character that originated from their Pachislot games, Alice. Along with the renders is the statement

"The world still isn't playing enough."

The existing characters in the render do originate from the Samurai Shodown and Fatal Fury series that have been long dormant. They were also ironically victims of SNK's first attempts at 3D fighting games on the long forgotten Hyper Neo Geo 64. 

It should also been noted that they just launched a new Twitter account, so make sure you go follow them. If any new SNK titles are announced, you can be sure to see me report on it.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    If you look back at SNK's old catalog (Neo Geo specifically) they made some really amazing games. I hope they get a really talented team put together to revive some of these franchises.

    At least for Metal Slug fans we're getting Mercenary Kings soon from the guys who did the Scott Pilgrim game.
  • supergamer8090
    Nice article, hope SNK has something really excited up their sleeves.

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