Oculus won't officially support pornography on the Rift, but they can't stop people from making it

With adult content becoming available on the Oculus Rift through outside source developers, it becomes a question of morality and purpose with the VR system.

With the release of the virtual reality system called the Oculus Rift, one of the most controversial topics about it has to do with the amount of adult content that will be made for the device. And by adult content I of course mean porn.

Oculus, the company behind the Rift, won't be allowing such scandalous adult content on the game store, but because it's going to be an accessible open-ended platform, people will be making content of their own.

Not the intended purpose, but a 'perk' to many

When the Oculus Rift started coming onto the scene, the sole purpose was to use it with video games. But as with many things, people get their hands on the devices and develop software for them. Since the Oculus Rift will not have tight control over the content available for the device, people are bound to create more uses for the virtual reality system.

Nate Mitchell from Oculus stated recently that the company will ban all pornography games or software from their official Oculus game store, but they can't keep it from being created. 

"We're actively barring, prohibiting adult entertainment content from being in the store, period...If you're on the Oculus platform, there's none of that content. We have a zero tolerance policy for that...the Rift's hardware SDK is open...But as for content that we're offering to people, and anything that's on what we would consider to be on the Oculus platform, we don't offer, we prohibit it."

-Nate Mitchell

Oculus won't be able to fully control what type of content is developed since their hardware SDK is open, but they can say that from a business standpoint, they will not be promoting the use of the Oculus Rift with pornography. 

What do you think of the Oculus Rift? With people developing adult content for the device, will it become just another gadget? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Oct. 28th 2015
  • Ashenfield
    It's no more or less of a moral issue than it is with the television, pc monitor or phone screen.
    Any mediums we humans create to convey information can and are used to convey porn. You can doodle it on a clay tablet, write it in a book, project it on a wall, or present it in full VR.
  • aerisbueller
    "With adult content becoming available on the Oculus Rift through outside source developers, it becomes a question of morality and purpose with the VR system."

    It's not a question of morality unless you're still living in the 1800's
  • Contrabardus
    This already exists. I have several porn programs and even VR video for the Oculus Rift already. They've actually been pretty supportive of development of content like this.

    I keep up with all things VR and I've seen plenty of praise from the support Oculus has given devs to do what they want, and that includes developers of adult content.

    There is no 'official ban'. They just aren't putting it in their store. That's not a ban any more than Netflix not having porn on their streaming service is a ban of digital porn.

    Oculus is a platform and a peripheral. It doesn't serve anyone's interest to ban content of any sort. They don't need to do anything of the sort and developers are free to do as they please, which is the entire point of an open platform.

    Oculus is not responsible for the content any more than the company that made your PC monitor is responsible for the content on Pornhub. They also have about as much motivation to block or ban such content as your monitor's manufacturer does.

    Oculus has done nothing to prevent, hinder, or even speak against VR porn. Oculus sdk was intentionally released as an open platform.

    Having a general audience limit on content in their store is not censorship of VR porn. It makes sense from a business standpoint to be honest as other services and outlets can easily serve that function.

    The entire premise of this article is false. There's a difference between not selling porn in your store and being against it. Oculus has been pretty supportive and helpful to all their developers, and that includes the ones creating adult content.
  • Si_W
    You can't halt progress.

    Regardless of your views on pornography, that industry has been key in taking early advantage of most major technological innovations in the entertainment field.
  • Durinn McFurren
    I have no moral objection to pornography, so to me, the official ban simply makes them look rather prudish and smacks of censorship.

    But even if a person does morally object, I don't think the fact that outside developers are using the device this way should change how that person sees the device itself. The fact that some people misuse something beautiful doesn't detract from its beauty.

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