Destiny: The Taken King revamps loot system and raises level cap to 40

Bungie has revealed exclusive information regarding The Taken King to Game informer on the new level cap and more!

GameInformer has released their September issue with Destiny: The Taken King as the main story. Alongside the new issue, GameInformer has also released a few articles in which Bungie has revealed the brand new level cap as well as important information on all Year One gear and more.

The new level cap is not 50, as some rumors had suggested, but will instead be 40. To reach the max level, you will no longer need armor since light levels will no longer be used. Gaining experience through fights and other means will help your guardian/s reach the new level cap the same was as at the start of the game before the use of armor to raise light levels beyond level 20. 

This doesn't mean that armor will not help you in the future. The light levels may be gone, but attack and defense are still a big part of your gear. This ties in closely to all gear as you can reach level 40 with low-tier armor, but it will not mean a thing compared to using legendary armor.

Speaking of Year One gear, Bungie has stated that all Year One gear won't upgradable to the new power levels to match Year Two gear. This is unfortunate; but with all the new gear we will be getting, it won't be a hindrance. 

More news regarding gear is the loot system:

The loot system will FINALLY pay attention to what players get as drops and, in response, will reward players with new items instead of multiples of the same gear.

It's about time we get a revamped loot system. No more shall players get 5 Hardlight's in a row! On a final note, the "Ghost" will have a new voice actor, the prolific Nolan North will take over for Peter Dinklage. He will be the voice for the Ghost from now on and will be re-recording all lines from throughout the game for consistency.

Tons of information has just dropped and it is all covered in the video courtesy of

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Published Aug. 4th 2015
  • DoubleVendetta
    The bit about not being able to carry over Year One gear saddens me. It sort of makes me feel like "What was the point in introducing the Etheric Light system in HoW?" They're just making it obsolete.

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