Square Enix Promises New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer for the Tokyo Game Show

The trickle of FFVII Remake reveals continues on, with a trailer showing off brand-new footage coming sometime during the Tokyo Game Show

[Update: 9/10]: Square Enix recently updated the game's official website stating the new trailer will premier at 10 a.m. EDT/7 a.m. PDT on September 11.

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After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for news about the Final Fantasy VII Remake, updates have been coming fast this year, with another new trailer on the way at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show.

Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura — the game's designer — made the brief announcement on the FFVII Remake's official Twitter page.

How long the trailer will be is uncertain, though it's possible FFVIIR won't get as much time as it did during E3, since Square Enix also has quite a few other titles it'll be showing off during the expo.

Still, showing off new footage for the next Final Fantasy game is becoming something of a tradition at TGS. Final Fantasy XV's TGS trailer showed off several important story elements, among other things, so it's possible we'll get a glimpse at some of FFVIIR's new plot beats too.

Although at this point, anything shown off outside the Mako reactor fight would be something big. Despite an initial trailer earlier this year and a hefty E3 showing, we still haven't seen much the newly-spruced-up Midgard and its inhabitants.


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Published Sep. 11th 2019

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