New Dark Envoy Teaser Trailer Gives Closer Look at Its Story

Event Horizon have just released a new trailer for their upcoming RPG Dark Envoy that gives a closer look at the game's main protaganists.

Dark Envoy is an upcoming sci-fi, fantasy RPG from aptly-named Polish developer Event Horizon, and the game's most recent teaser trailer properly introduces Dark Envoy's two protagonists, Malakai and Kaela.

They are twins caught in the beautiful, though sometimes cruel, world of Jäan, one split between magic and technology.

Dark Envoy has a non-linear story, and its world constantly shifts as you play through the game. No decision is without weight, whether it's an important story moment between major characters or a line of dialog telling you simply where to go next. 

The game also features real-time combat, a solo or full co op campaign, a wealth of companions that could potentially join you on your journey, and a deeply robust RPG system for complex and strategic gameplay. On top of all that, there will be four primary classes to choose from, with "16 specializations" adding to the unique quality of each build. 

Dark Envoy is Event Horizon's second major release; their first is Tower of Time, which is available on all consoles and PC. This adventure into a diametric world is planned for release sometime in 2022, and will currently launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, though that could change between now and launch. Stay tuned for more.  


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Published Apr. 26th 2021

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