TERA Players Get Double EMP (Cash Shop Dosh) Tomorrow Only!

Open those wallets, 'cause it's time to buy alkahests and maid outfits!

Want a lot of EMP but don't feel like spending a lot of real money? Starting Saturday at 12:01AM PDT, TERA players will be able to purchase the game's cash shop currency at double the amount, for the normal cost.

Players can head over the EMP store late tonight and purchase one of the base denominations in the store for this enhanced conversion rate:

  • $10 will give 2,200 EMP instead of the standard 1,100.
  • $20 will give 4,400 EMP
  • $40 will give 8,800 EMP
  • $100 will give 22,000 EMP

That $100 purchase is really something!

If you're at the beginning of your level 60 gear grind and are willing to part with $20 or so, tomorrow may be the best time to pick up master enigmatic scrolls and refined alkahest to make the enchantment grind a bit less daunting and time-intensive.

This sale ends at 11:59PM PDT tomorrow as well, so you will have just under 24 hours to get double EMP for your purchase! Check out TERA's official site for more details.

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Published May. 24th 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    I've never given Tera a try yet. I might just have to soon since it's F2P now. Nice article Ashley!

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