The Escapists Tunnelling to a PS4 Near You [Update] On May 29th

The Escapists is coming to PS4 on May 29th.

The Escapists is about playing as an inmate in a prison, your only job is to escape without arousing the prison guards suspicions.

The game has been on both Xbox One and PC since February 2015 and is now finding its way onto the PS4.

What do you do in The Escapists?

You break out of prison while making sure you don't attract any suspicions from the guards, you must ensure that you carry out your daily in-prison jobs. This means using your time wisely between planning the escape, and making sure you keep in line. It features 8 different prisons; each one has its own routine, and each calls for a different approach. 

The Escapists received very positive reviews. GameSpot reviewer Cameron Woolsey gave the game an 8/10 saying, "despite its foibles, The Escapists is a gratifying game that provides dozens of hours of entertainment." IGN reviewer Richard Cobbett gave the game a 7.6/10 saying "The Escapists makes breaking out of prison as hard as nails, yet soft as taffy."

The Escapists will be breaking out of the Microsoft platform prison, available on Xbox One, Steam and GoG, and it will be finding its way onto PS4 soon.


The release date is confirmed to be May 29th.

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Published Apr. 30th 2015

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