Guild Wars 2 now has a companion app

Manage your Guild Wars 2 account with a new unofficial app now available to download from Google Play

Available on Google Play, the Guild Wars 2 GW Sidekick app was released this week. The app is designed to help manage your account and you are able to track individual characters as well as your currency, bank, equipment, and inventory.

The app currently has the following features:

  • General account overview,
  • The ability to browse your characters including wallet, bank storage, and account inventory,
  • On character pages, players will be able to see equipment and character-specific inventory,
  • Other features include background synchronization, local database caching and adjustable update rates.

There is a whole host of features still to come including PvP statistics and league play tracking, material storage, item price history / market statistics and a Trading Post watchlist.

Speaking on Reddit, the apps creator, FirePrufe, has said:

"This application intends to be the best mobile game companion available with a whole suite of useful features that will continually be expanded upon in the future!"

The Guild Wars 2 spring update has just been released with more content and improved gameplay.


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Published Apr. 21st 2016

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