The 5 Most Anticipated Horror Games of 2017

3. Visage

This little beauty is a psychological horror game. Throughout the game the player explores a home that has witnessed countless brutal murders since it has housed various families over a long period of time. Players will also be able to relive memories and witness how previous tenants of the house have died. It's also worth to note that the game will be a spiritual successor to P.T.

The core mechanic is the fear aspect itself. When you locate a memory, or a flashback of some kind, you'll be able to investigate it by looking into it and potentially observing. Some can be so haunting and grim that you'll wish that you were back inside the house again! And with the terrifying feeling that the house gives off in the trailer above, that should already tell you something.

Visage is set for release in January of next year and will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Published Nov. 30th 2016

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