Google Stadia Achievements are Here — And So are Your Recorded Trophies

Stadia finally has achievements, and there's good news for those who didn't wait to earn those trophies as well.

Google promised a steady stream of updates for Google Stadia in the weeks following the platform's launch, and one of the most anticipated additions launched just recently. Google Stadia achievements are now live.

More importantly, Stadia has been tracking your achievements all along, as we reported before. That means you're awarded achievements for things you've already accomplished. You don't have to go back and repeat tasks and feats to earn those achievements.

The news comes from Google Stadia's official Twitter page, and the full announcement can be seen below.

However, achievements for Stadia on mobile won't be a live until sometime in 2020, according to the Community Update that accompanied this rollout.

Stadia adopters are still waiting for a number of other features to roll out as well, including 4K streaming for PCs and accessibility features. Still, we were pleasantly surprised by Stadia during our time with it pre and post-launch, even if it isn't entirely what was promised just yet.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Google Stadia news as it develops.


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Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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