Neko Atsume all cats list part 2 - Letters "N" through "Z"

Part 2 (letters "N" through "Z") of a pretty comprehensive all cats guide list for Neko Atsume.

It's time for part two of my complete Neko Atsume all cats guide list! This time we're tackling letters "N" through "Z", with the first being the endearing Patches and the last being the somewhat grumpy Xerxes IX.

If you want to peruse cats with names that begin with letters "A" through "M", be sure to wander over to the first part of my cat guide list. It's identical to this one, I promise.

As with part 1, each cat's details like personality, power level, and appearance are listed here along with the items they like most. This part also has the same notes pre-list, which you should read before moving forward.

Note 1: Items that have multiple colors or patterns like "Bucket (Red)" are listed here as "red bucket". Items where there are multiple colors a cat likes such as Bucket (Red), Bucket (Blue), and Bucket (Yellow) are listed here together like "red, blue and yellow bucket" to save space. 

Note 2: The food each rare cat requires isn't mentioned here. If you want more detailed info on rare cats, take a look at my rare cats guide. I also have listed detailed memento information if you're interested in more information on your cats' tokens of affection.


Appearance: Orange patches
Personality: Jealous
Power level: 80
Memento: Colored candles
Preferred items

Glass vase, scratching log, goldfish bowl, earthenware pot, cat condo complex, beach umbrella, bureau with pot, ball of yarn, temari ball, cardboard house, bunny kick toy, large hot mat, space heater, pile of leaves, kotatsu, luxurious hammock, paper umbrella, cat metropolis, giant cushion, large cooling mat, burger cushion, ball of yarn, purple pillow, brown, pink, and beige cushions, 


Appearance: Tan & orange
Personality: Capricious
Power level: 45
Memento: Bendy straw
Preferred items

Peaches will visit for pretty much any item! She just does not stay long.


Appearance: Black with odd eyes
Personality: Shy
Power level: 165
Memento: Toy mirror
Preferred items

Plastic bag, scratching log, cake box, cardboard house, large shopping box, clay pot, cowboy hat, earthenware pot, scratching board, cat pancake, yellow bucket, glass vase, black head space, burger cushion, chestnut cushion, goldfish bowl, lacquered bowl, pickling pot, scratching post, kotatsu, "I" and "U" tunnels, twisty rail, bureau with pot, green pillow, brown cushion, every cube, thick cooling pad, warm sock, nature tent, pyramid tent, colorful sock, head space, silk crepe pillow, cardboard cafe, cardboard choo-choo


Appearance: Gray and white tabby
Personality: Faint-hearted
Power level: 0
Memento: Silent bell
Preferred items

Pile of leaves, kotatsu, paper bag, clay pot, head space, fluffy cushion, pink and brown cushions, every cube, burger cushion, ping-pong ball, large shopping box, red and blue buckets, glass vase, pickling pot, cat pancake, tail-thing teaser, fish-stick tunnel, planter, goldfish bowl, earthenware pot, heating stove, small hot mat, wing-thing teaser, 3D tunnel, bureau with pot, cat metropolis, giant cushion, black head space, purple and yellow pillows, cardboard house, toy capsule, silk crepe cushion, chestnut cushion, basket case, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex


Appearance: Striped torbie
Personality: Ditsy
Power level: 125
Memento: Bird feather
Preferred items

"I", "U", "T" tunnels, 3D tunnel, fish-stick tunnel, mouse kick toy, mister mouse, kotatsu, doughnut tunnel, green and pink cushions, tiramisu cube, cardboard truck, ball of yarn, cardboard choo-choo, snowy pillow, cardboard house, maple pillow, sakura pillow, pink hammock, woven hammock, beach umbrella, burger cushion, basket case, heating stove, bureau with pot, two-tier cat tree, sheep cushion, red, blue and yellow buckets, glass case, clay pot, planter, glass vase


Appearance: Orange and white tabby
Personality: Spacey
Power level: 90
Memento: Bird feather
Preferred items

"I", "U", "T" tunnels, 3D tunnel, fish-stick tunnel, mouse kick toy, mister mouse, kotatsu, doughnut tunnel, green and pink cushions, tiramisu cube, cardboard truck, ball of yarn, cardboard choo-choo, snowy pillow, cardboard house, maple pillow, sakura pillow, pink hammock, woven hammock, beach umbrella, burger cushion, basket case, heating stove, bureau with pot, two-tier cat tree, sheep cushion, red, blue and yellow buckets, glass case, clay pot, planter, glass vase

Ramses the Great (Rare)

Appearance: Sphinx
Personality: Riddler
Power level: 230
Memento: Elegant staff
Preferred items

Pyramid tent


Appearance: Grey tuxedo
Personality: Selfish
Power level: 140
Memento: Warped container
Preferred items

Red rubber ball, green cushion, bunny kick toy, green pillow, art deco cat condo, cardboard cafe, cardboard choo-choo, glass vase, pink bucket, green hammock, cat metropolis, two-tier cat tree, heating stove, cardboard house, kotatsu, blizzard tent, pom-pom sock

Saint Purrtrick (Rare)

Appearance: Ethereal
Personality: Awe-inspiring
Power level: 222
Memento: Mysterious stone
Preferred items

Kotatsu, silk crepe pillow

Sassy Fran (Rare)

Appearance: Waitress
Personality: Enthusiastic
Power level: 180
Memento: Coffee cup
Preferred items

Cardboard cafe

Senor Don Gato (Rare)

Appearance: Mustachioed
Personality: Scheming
Power level: 30
Memento: Feathered hat
Preferred items

 Mister mouse


Appearance: Solid grey
Personality: Peculiar
Power level: 50
Memento: Cicada skin
Preferred items

Space heater, twisty rail, yellow, red and blue rubber balls, pile of leaves, "U" tunnel, bureau with pot, kotatsu, heating stove, bunny kick toy, cowboy hat, earthenware pot, clay pot, scratching board, watermelon ball, ball of yarn, two-tier cat tree, cat metropolis, pickling pot, clay pot, goldfish bowl, doughnut tunnel, arabesque blanket, pyramid tent, ping-pong ball, stress reliever, small shopping box, large shopping box, cardboard house, toy capsule, sakura pillow, basket case, giant cushion, pink cushion, cat condo complex, are deco cat tree, cardboard choo-choo, cardboard cafe, fluffy cushion, 


Appearance: Solid black
Personality: Hot and cold
Power level: 140
Memento: Soft brush
Preferred items

Red rubber ball, tail-thing teaser, doughnut tunnel, carp tunnel, temari ball, stress reliever, small shopping box, cardboard choo-choo, silk crepe cushion, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, large shopping box, paper umbrella, two and three-tier cat trees, "I" and "T" tunnels, mister mouse, mouse kick toy, mister dragonfly, pickling pot, scratching board, paper bag, cat pancake, kotatsu, space heater, pile of leaves, small hot mat, tail-thing teaser, wild-thing teaser, wing-thing teaser, bunny kick toy, twisty rail, busy bee, butterfly swarm, carp tunnel, cat condo complex, cat metropolis, art deco cat tree, two and three-tier cat trees, beach umbrella, green pillow, sakura pillow, silk crepe pillow, navy-blue cube, sheep cushion, beige and green cushions, marble pad, warm sock, pom-pom sock, blizzard tent, arabesque blanket, pink hammock


Appearance: Solid white
Personality: Mellow
Power level: 80
Memento: Flowered collar
Preferred items

Snowball with visit for almost every item, except scratching items like scratching posts.


Appearance: Black with white mitts
Personality: Adventurous
Power level: 70
Memento: Small mittens
Preferred items

Wild-thing teaser, kotatsu, earthenware pot, blue bucket, blue, yellow and red rubber balls, small shopping box, watermelon ball, cardboard truck, cardboard choo-choo, large shopping box, bean bag, pyramid tent, cat condo complex, glass vase, scratching board, snow sled, cowboy hat, heating stove, "T", "I" and "U" tunnels, bureau with pot, cardboard cafe, sheep cusion, yellow hammock, thick cooling pad, cat metropolis, luxurious hammock, plastic bag, paper bag, 3D tunnel, 


Appearance: Black patches
Personality: Lonely
Power level: 40
Memento: Damaged spoon
Preferred items

Snow sled, glass vase, sheep cushion, stress reliever, "T" tunnel, pile of leaves, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, beach umbrella, goldfish bowl, art deco cat tree, cat condo complex, cat metropolis, large cooling pad, ping-pong ball, cowboy hat, cardboard choo-choo, kotatsu, bureau with pot, colorful sock, burger cushion, arabesque blanket, panel heater, space heater, cow tunnel, doughnut tunnel, twisty rail


Appearance: Gray tortoiseshell
Personality: Reserved
Power level: 35
Memento: Gift wrap ribbon
Preferred items

Green and pink cat macaroons, scratching post, cat pancake, ball of yarn, gift box, cat pancake, wood pail, plastic bag, scratching board, space heater, paper bag, busy bee, mister dragonfly, panel heater, zebra grass gadget, mister mouse, bureau with pot, wing-thing teaser, wild-thing teaser, two-tier cat tree, butterfly swarm, art deco cat tree, cat metropolis, pyramid tent, cat condo complex, nature tent, modern red tent, black head space, pom-pom sock, every cube, chestnut cushion, cardboard choo-choo, small shopping box, large shopping box, maple pillow, gift box, 


Appearance: Black and white
Personality: Joker
Power level: 75
Memento: Glow bracelet
Preferred items

Spots will visit to use the vast majority of items except some heaters and scratching furniture.


Appearance: Red tortoiseshell
Personality: Cautious
Power level: 80
Memento: Eyeglass lens
Preferred items

Kotatsu, twisty rail, pile of leaves, pink and green cat macaroons, glass vase, earthenware pot, panel heater, tail-thing teaser, 3D tunnel, temari ball, cardboard house, large shopping box, snow sled, panel heater, heating stove, "T", "U" and "I" tunnels, cardboard choo-choo, large cooling mat, tiramisu cube, basket case, orange cube, navy-blue cube, cat condo complex, chestnut cushion, sakura pillow, two-tier cat tree


Appearance: Turkish calico
Personality: Mischievous
Power level: 120
Memento: Shiny acorn
Preferred items

Scratching board, plastic bag, paper bag, planter, yellow, red and blue buckets, glass vase, pile of leaves, baseball, cake box, ball of yarn, goldfish bowl, cowboy hat, kotatsu, busy bee, soccer ball, large shopping box, planter, snow sled, panel heater, busy bee, mister mouse, "U" tunnel, cat metropolis, bureau with pot, twisty rail, mister dragonfly, pink hammock, wing-thing teaser, tail-thing teaser, cat condo complex, two-tier cat tree, cardboard house, cardboard truck, soccer ball, sakuramochi cushion, large cooling mat, cardboard choo-choo, burger cushion, 


Appearance: Calico tabby
Personality: Leisurely
Power level: 40
Memento: Random seeds
Preferred items

Cardboard house, small shopping box, yellow and beige cushions, two-tier cat tree, blue, yellow and red rubber balls, stress reliever, watermelon ball, gift box, green and purple pillows, basket case, wing-thing teaser, kotatsu, large hot mat, small hot mat, pile of leaves, panel heater, woven hammock, yellow hammock, bean bag, luxurious hammock, cat condo complex, fruit basket, pink cat macaroon, glass vase, paper bag, heating stove, butterfly swarm, arabesque blanket, cat metropolis, goldfish bowl, planter, warm sock, giant cushion, burger cushion, navy-blue cube, orange cube

Tubbs (Rare)

Appearance: Fluffy
Personality: Finicky feaster
Power level: 130
Memento: Fish jerky
Preferred items

Tubbs will come for any food aside from thrifty bits. He also likes the giant cushion.


Appearance: Black tabby
Personality: Crafty
Power level: 75
Memento: Worn postcard
Preferred items

Cardboard choo-choo, navy-blue cube, scratching board, green pillow, thick cooling pad, glass vase, cardboard cafe, green hammock, pink bucket, beach umbrella, green cushion, ping-pong ball, kotatsu, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex, art deco cat tree, heating stove, panel heater,  cat pancake, toy capsule, blizzard tent, cardboard truck, bunny kick toy, cardboard truck, warm sock

Xerxes IX (Rare)

Appearance: Persian
Personality: Regal
Power level: 70
Memento: Pretty stones
Preferred items

Zanzibar cushion

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    Okay. Is Rascal even real? I haven't gotten him. I've gotten rare cats,but not him. Weirdo.
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    Sorry idk if they mentioned it, but I have pickles in my yard as of right now, and he seems to like the toy capsule. He uses it EVERY TIME. but that's just one thing lol I'm still starting my yard I have like nothing lol
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    Xerxes IX also comes for the royal bed
  • anonymous_7229
    Xerxes IX also comes for the royal bed
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    Please update the game so there are more cats. I nearly have to very single cat, i just need ten more rare and i am done! Please update Neko Atsume cat collecter
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