Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Monsters Guide: All 12 Locations

Wondering where to find all Legendary Monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising? Our guide shows you all of their locations, complete with maps.

It's not just puzzles and platforming you'll have to contend with on The Golden Isle in Immortals Fenyx Rising you'll face plenty of foes too. They take all shapes and sizes, but the toughest of these enemies are the game's Legendary Monsters. There are 12 Legendary Monsters in Immortals and each one gives you ample rewards. Toppling all of them will complete tasks on Herme's Task Board as well.

In this guide, we'll show you where to find all Legendary Monsters in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Sharpen your skills and trek out to face them with this walkthrough.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Where to Find All Legendary Monsters

As a general hint, while each of the monsters stays in their location and we've provided map screenshots below for you to find them, the game also adds an additional way to spot these Legendary Monsters.

Birds circle above each Legendary Monster location, and once you approach a Monster's location, a hint will appear that warns you to ensure you're equipped for the fight. Knowing these two things, plus having our map images below, should mean taking down all 12 Legendary Monsters is much easier. Here's where to find each of them.

The Legendary Nemean Lion Location

To find The Legendary Nemean Lion location, look to the far east of The Valley of Eternal Spring, just below where War's Den crests over it near the water.

Kallisto The Legendary Bear Location

You can find Kallisto the Legendary Bear southwest of the Gates of Tartaros, in the eastern side of The Valley of Eternal Spring. It's northeast of Aphrodite's Statue in The Valley of Eternal Spring. 

Alektryon The Legendary Rooster

Look in the southwest corner of The Valley of Eternal Spring to find Alektryon The Legendary Rooster. 

Slayer Of Adonis The Legendary Boar 

You'll find Slayer of Adonis The Legendary Boar just north of the river that cuts through the western section of The Valley of Eternal Spring. You'll likely come across it during the early Aphrodite quest, "A Crying Shame," when you're tasked with finding three Aphrodite Tears in three separate Tartaros vaults.  

Nightmare of Daidalos The Legendary Minotaur

To find Nightmare of Daidalos The Legendary Minotaur, head back to where you fought Alektryon at the Palace of Aphrodite. Go to the northwestern structure where this minotaur is waiting to challenge you.

Kelaino The Legendary Dark Vulture

Kelaino The Legendary Dark Vulture is in the center of The Valley of Eternal Spring, near the river broken up by smallish landmasses. 

Legendary Gorgon Of Dread

The Legendary Gorgon of Dread can be found north of Kelaino The Legendary Dark Vulture, along the west coast of Eternal Spring. It's on a small island west by southwest of the inland statue.

Pyrakmon The Legendary Cyclops

Unlike so many of these Legendary Monsters, Pyrakmon The Legendary Cyclops is not in Eternal Spring but rather in The Forgelands. You'll find this towering cyclops just east of the small lake and south of the northern coast. 

Ophinikos of Legend

Staying in The Forgelands, head to the northeast corner of the area, but don't travel to the island off the coast. Instead, go just a bit northwest of the vault to find Ophinikos of Legend, an imposing Gryphon.

Talos The Rebuilt Legendary Automaton

Talos The Rebuilt Legendary Automaton is a massive robot that resides a bit west from the easternmost vault in The Forgelands. It's where this region and War's Den nearly collide.

Perversion of Echidna The Legendary Chimera

Go to War's Den and head just northwest of the Ares statue to take on this chimera. If you're going in our order, Perversion of Echidna The Legendary Chimera is one of the last Legendary Monsters you'll need to slay.

The Many-Handed The Legendary Hekatonchires

The Many-Handed The Legendary Hekatonchires, the last of the Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Monsters, is in the northern snowy region of King's Peak. This extra-armed monstrosity is in the southeast corner of the frigid region, near the eastern and southern coastline. Defeating it will complete your quest.

That's it for the 12 Immortals Fenyx Rising Legendary Monsters. Not only will you check several tasks off of Hermes' Task Board in the process, but you'll also get 12 Phoenix Skins, which count toward the Ornithology trophy/achievement. For more tips and guide, head over to our Immortals Fenyx Rising hub


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Published Jan. 8th 2021

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