The Long Dark Will Feature "Willpower" Gameplay

In the Long Dark you will be able to experience what all humans would feel when faced with a life-threatening situation, the will to live.

Hinterland Studio's first-person post-disaster survival sim, The Long Dark, will feature a different gameplay mechanic, willpower.

On the game's Kickstarter, the developers go into the idea of willpower. Based off of real life survivors, you're meant to overcome all odds with the will to live. Now you may not understand what that means exactly, so here is the rundown.

You will play a bush pilot named William Mackenzie who has crashed in a forest. Willpower will act as a "buff" which will give you a temporary advantage when dealing with life-threatening situations. Players will need to charge this "buff" by accomplishing in-game goals, navigating story arcs and more.

In The Long Dark, we manifest this idea in the form of a Polaroid Photograph that Mackenzie has in his inventory and can refer to in times of need. When he looks at it, he is reminded of what he's fighting for, what he has to live for.

But, with each use, the photograph fades a bit more, as though the memories that fuel it become less specific, less real. 

The Willpower photo can be "recharged" in the game, by accomplishing certain goals, navigating certain choices, progressing through the story, etc. But always, you will have to use the Willpower photo very sparingly, because you never know what dangerous survival situation might be just over the next hill.

Not only that, but players can upload their own photo to use as the picture Mackenzie will look at. Hinterland is also offering a $25 reward tier on their Kickstarter which will replace the picture with a locket instead. Backer's who choose this option will receive the locket in their in-game inventory.

Check out the Kickstarter trailer posted below and let me know what you think about the willpower mechanic.

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Published Sep. 23rd 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
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    This game looks really cool! I love the will power and photo aspects of it. Definitely changes the tables on survival games. Must check this out! :3

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