Sony combining PlayStation divisions into Sony Interactive Entertainment

Shawn Layden, CEO and President of SCEA, announced the formation of a new company to run all things PlayStation, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

Last night on the PlayStation blog Shawn Layden, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, announced that all things PlayStation will soon be run under a newly-formed company called Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (or SIE for short) will have its headquarters in San Mateo, California, and "joins the forces of both Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Sony Network Entertainment LLC, combining the strengths and talents of both companies."

Theoretically, the merger won't affect consumers at all, and no layoffs or project cancellations have been announced. In fact, if the statement is to be believed, it will lead to greater support for existing projects and future innovations:

The formation of SIE will create an even stronger PlayStation. That means an even bigger emphasis on developing pioneering platforms like PS4 and PlayStation VR, world-class games from our World Wide Studios development teams, and innovative network services such as PlayStation Vue.

If indeed this means a "renewed commitment to making PlayStation the best place to play," then the formation of SIE should be good news for players. If, however, this results in a whole mess of cancellations and layoffs as part of an effort to "streamline" things, then we're definitely going to hear how upset everyone is about it.

What do you think about the formation of SIE? Is it a good thing or possibly a sign of bad things to come? Let us know in the comments!

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Published Jan. 26th 2016

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