Elder Scrolls Online Console Version Delayed

ESO delayed for PS4 and Xbox One.

Sad news day for PS4 and Xbox One owners waiting for the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. It has been officially confirmed by Bethesda that the console version has been delayed. It was due to be released in June, but Bethesda said they need at least another six months to ensure they deliver the experience gamers deserve.

Also, anyone that buys and plays the PC/Mac version by the end of June will be able transfer their character(s) to either console version once released. Good news is you don't have to buy the game twice--eligible PC and Mac players will be able to pay $20 for the full digital copy for the console of their choice. This option will also include a 30 days of free game time.

So while the news of a delay is bad, being able to transfer character(s) and the extra bonuses for those that own PC/Mac version is a really sweet deal.

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Published May. 8th 2014

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