Mistreated Workers May Have Sabotaged Your PS4

An intern has claimed FOXCONN workers deliberately sabotaged PS4 units in retaliation against terrible working conditions.

It was just last month that FOXCONN admitted to mistreating the workers at its PlayStation 4 production facility.  As detestable as such may be, now it appears there may have been more direct consequences of the miserable conditions the workers were made to labor under.  An intern has come forth to state the workers at the FOXCONN facility actually deliberately sabotaged an undisclosed number of PlayStation 4 consoles during production.

The announcement comes just a week after the console's release, raising the question of just what this sabotage might have caused.  Some people have been having issues, but according to Sony, the total number of consoles facing those issues are under half a percent of the total number of PS4 units sold.

It is possible there was something sabotaged within the console's internal workings which might die out later or refuse a firmware upgrade down the road, but without more specific information it is not possible to know for certain.  Hopefully for all the new Sony console owners it is something which was either corrected or simply never actually happened.

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Source vg247.com
Published Nov. 18th 2013
  • Ryumoau
    Wow this is terrible if true. My ps4 has been fine so far (aside from being very loud at times), but i feel sorry for anyone who may have gotten one of the bad systems.

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