Hogwarts Legacy: How to Make More Money Fast

Need more galleons in Hogwarts Legacy? Here are a few methods to earn money fast.

Short on Gold Galleons in Hogwarts Legacy? When you go the The Magic Neep or Tomes & Scrolls do you just stare longingly at items instead of buy them? Here are a few fast ways to make more money in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Farm Money in Hogwarts Legacy

Disillusionment Chests

Disillusionment Chests, or eyeball chests, are one of the fastest ways to accrue a bigger bag of coins. The Disillusionment spell is gained earlier on in the game and each chest rewards players 500 Gold Galleons.

There are 23 chests throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy, with some located behind locked areas, but the ones immediately available will bulk up a player's money pile quickly. 

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Selling Beasts at Brood & Peck

Ellie at Brood & Peck will buy magical beasts from you for 120 Gold Galleons per beast. Beast dens typically have four beasts spawn at a time, with the exception of unicorn which only spawns a single beast at a time.

With the Puffskein den right outside Hogwarts, this can be a profitable way to gain galleons quickly. You can also breed beasts you have caught, which requires a bit of investment for the spellcrafts and expanding your Vivarium. However, getting the Nab-Sack from Deek is about halfway through the main story line. If you are in need of high cost spellcrafts, such as large potting table, or large amounts of beast products later into the game this can be a quick way to increase your Galleons.

Selling Spare Gear

Gear found around the world starts in price around 60 Galleons when selling to vendors, with rarer gear selling for 200 Galleons. Space for gear in your inventory is also limited, which makes selling excess gear a win-win.

With the transmog system not needing the item you are changing your gear's appearance into, there is no real reason to hold on to lower level items. Gear can be sold to any vendor except Ellie at Brood & Peck, so make sure to stop in anytime you see a vendor to sell off items. 

While a lot of items can be obtained in game for a small cost, such as potions and magical plants, higher level gear, and spellcrafts can cost a large sum of galleons. Use these fast money making methods to keep your coin bag full in Hogwarts Legacy. And if you need more help, check out some of our other Hogwarts Legacy guides here on GameSkinny such as Zenobia's Gobstone locations or our complete enemy weaknesses guide.

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Published Feb. 14th 2023

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