Hogwarts Legacy: All Of Zenobia's Gobstone Locations

Where to find every Gobstone for Zenobia's side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has you begin your education of the wizarding world as a fifth-year student, but there are students who are having a harder time adjusting to their new school than you despite your late start. Zenobia is having a tough time making friends, and her attempt to do so through playing Gobstones has backfired. Her Gobstones have been taken by other students and hidden in high places, and she needs your help to retrieve them.

You need to find a total of six Gobstones for Zenobia, all of which are in locations that require you to use Accio to grab them. When you’re close to one, your character will mention that they should pay attention to high places to look for Zenobia’s Gobstones, and there’s a marker on your minimap as well.

Central Hall Gobstone

You’ll find this Gobstone in Central Hall above the Viaduct Entrance. Climb the stairs and you’ll find it sitting on the wooden beams.

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Divination Classroom Gobstone

Outside the Divination Classroom you’ll find a Gobstone sitting on the chandelier if you look up. Use Accio and you’ll be one step closer to completing Zenobia’s quest.

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Transfiguration Courtyard Gobstone

You might find yourself passing through the Transfiguration Courtyard fairly often, and one of Zenobia’s Gobstones is there as well. Look towards the eastern side of the courtyard and you’ll spot it above the passageway.

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Ravenclaw Tower Gobstone

Fast travel with Floo Flames comes in handy here, especially if you already unlocked the Ravenclaw Tower flame because you can find another Gobstone across the hall and a bit to the left of the Floo Flame location.

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Trophy Room Gobstones

The last two Gobstones are near each other. Head to Hogwarts’ Trophy Room. The first Gobstone will be across the hall from the entrance, where a Floo Flame is also located.

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The second Gobstone is inside the Trophy Room. Take a look at the northern wall in the room, and you’ll find your last Gobstone on a shelf between two trophies. One last Accio, and you’re ready to return to Zenobia.

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With all the Gobstones, you can talk to Zenobia in the same place she was when you accepted the quest. You’re given the option of giving the Gobstones back to Zenobia or keeping them for yourself. If you choose the first option, you’ll be rewarded with a wand handle.

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Published Feb. 14th 2023

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