Final Fantasy XIV Gets Spooked Next Week with All Saints' Wake

All Saints' Wake is making its way to FFXIV: ARR next week!

It's October, didn't you know? It's time for ghosts, pumpkins, candy, All Saints' Wake in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

All Saints' Wake will be Eorzea's first spooky celebration since A Realm Reborn launched, and will be our second taste of a festival since the game's launch. Out with the Moonfire Faire (I have 20,000 sparklers) and in with All Saints' Wake!

The festival will be kicking off next week, and there are sure to be plenty of items for players to nab up and horde. The official Final Fantasy XIV blog posted a few screenshots of the festival areas, which you can check out below. They also give a nice look at some of the cosmetic items players will be able to get during this event.

It's nice to see yet another seasonal event come up so soon since the game's release. I questioned most of the Moonfire Faire swimsuit designs, but how can you make pumpkin heads and ghosts look bad? Even the ugliest Roegadyn can look spooky-stylish!

Published Oct. 10th 2013

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