Atari Teases the Atari Box - Their Answer to the NES Classic?

Atari CEO confirms the teaser trailer is real and a new console is in development.

Atari recently unveiled the Atari Box in a short teaser video on its official website. At first, given the lack of branding originally on the website, many doubted its authenticity. 

As a response to this, Atari posted this Tweet to confirm that the console is definitely in development:

Since then, the CEO of Atari, Fred Chesnais, has reiterated to games journalists that the console is indeed on its way. This marks a return to form for the troubled company, which was at the heart of the 1980s video games crash in the U.S. -- and also went bankrupt in 2013.

There has been no further information released since the short 30-second teaser trailer, but looking at the machine, it seems there are no noticeable slots for old Atari cartridges. So it could be similar to Nintendo’s plug-and- play NES Classic.

Other gamers have speculated that it could be a machine set up to run games from Steam rival, as Atari has previously worked with owners and Witcher creators CD Projekt Red.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on this upcoming console!


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Published Jun. 20th 2017

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