Capcom Creates a wearable Mega Man helmet with all bells and whistles Update: Available for Winter 2015 Pre-order for $150

Capcom created a wearable and functional Mega Man helmet that will be available for pre-order on their online store, for the large price of $150.

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom representatives will be there with some awesome gear they plan to sell. Among the gear they will be showing off is this fully functional Mega Man helmet.

Replica Helmet   

When Capcom created this functional helmet, they threw in all the bells and whistles, including working LED lights along with a clamshell hinge that makes putting on the helmet very easy. With a padded interior, the helmet may be a bit stuffy, but you'll get to look like Mega Man in this Blue Bomber helmet replica.

"Made of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, authentic proportions and details, plus working LED lights! A unique clamshell hinge allows the front and back half of the helmet to easily open up to comfortably fit your head inside the soft padded interior for a perfect fit."

"Comes shipped in a decorated box suitable for displaying your helmet when not in use." - Capcom 

By finally providing the gaming community with a fully-functional helmet, Capcom is able to reach different parts of the community all at once. Whether you're a collector or cosplayer, you'll enjoy having this helmet in your collection.

Capcom has updated their store to make Pre-Orders available for this anticipated helmet. For the whopping price of $150 you can become the owner of this functional helmet that also comes with a display case for your collection. Better grab this while you can, cause once this goes out of stock the price will skyrocket on eBay and other auction websites.

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Published Jul. 9th 2015
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    Anyone who owns the replica buster cannon would get this I guess.

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