Niche: A Genetic Survival Game

Niche is a unique simulation and strategy video game about evolving a cute animal tribe and helping them find a niche in their ecosystem.

Niche is a unique simulation and strategy video game about evolving a cute animal tribe and helping them find a niche in their ecosystem. Niche plays like a digital board game with a top-down view. 

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The main mechanic of the game is based on real genetics. There are dominant, recessive, and co-dominant genes, and new genes can even be unlocked and discovered. 

The variety of genes in the game allows for many different strategies to survive. Players can have their tribe develop camouflage for hiding from predators, or even horns and claws to fend off attackers.

Players must help their animal tribe survive against whatever mother nature throws at them -- whether it be predators, climate change, or even illnesses. Players win by having their tribe conquer all the islands in the game. 

Niche is inspired by other games, such as Creatures, Spore, and Don't Starve. Fans of those games are sure to enjoy the challenges that await them in Niche.

The game's Kickstarter project ends on May 30, 2016, with a goal of $15k. As I am writing this article, the game's Kickstarter has a little less than 2 hour until it ends. Currently, the project has raised over $70k, and has reached all of its stretch goals.

For more information about Niche, check out the game's website or Kickstarter.

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Published Jun. 1st 2016

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