Slimmer Vita 2000 Model Dated, Priced for UK

The slimmer, lighter PlayStation Vita is UK-bound next week.

Unsurprisingly, the rumors were true.

Sony has announced that the slimmer, lighter PCH-2000 PlayStation Vita model will debut in the UK on February 7. The initial price point is £180 (about $300), although the company is on record saying that retailers will offer the revamped unit at "holiday prices." Hence, bundles...?

The new model is 15 percent lighter and 20 percent slimmer, and it features a 6-hour battery life for games, along with 1GB of storage built into the device. The design remains about the same with the exception of rounded edges. However, some gamers may not like that an IPS LED screen replaces the previous OLED one, even though resolution will stick to 960 x 544 HD.

This new Vita iteration debuted in Japan last year. As for the North American territory, Sony hasn't confirmed that Vita 2000 is coming (though we expect it will eventually).

Still no colors

I can't figure this out. Sony is always on the ball with optional colors in Japan. Most new game hardware - especially in the handheld realm - comes in a variety of cool colors, but everywhere else? Nothin' but black. Same goes for when the new Vita launches in UK. How come? Did they do some market research that showed Japanese gamers are more interested in pretty colors? I find that hard to believe.

Me, I want a deep forest green PS4 and a royal blue Vita. Well, that, and a lot more games for both.

Published Jan. 30th 2014

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