Doraleous & Associates Returns Next Week

Hank & Jed Movie Pictures get hit fantasy comedy mini-series back on the road after a long hiatus.

After a long an unexpected break, Doraleous & Associates will return to our screens next week, more than a full year after launching their Kickstarter to keep the series going. New episodes will be appearing weekly as of Monday 17th February 2014.

In a streamed interview, creators and voice actors of the show Jon Etheridge (Mirdon), Brent Triplett (Neebs), Nate Panning (Doraleous), Bryan Mahoney (Drak), and Tony Schnur (Bruth & Sir Walken), talk about why the gap between seasons has been such a long one.

BFFs Before Graboonies

As the Kickstarter campaign had been succesful in the middle of a Battlefield Friends (BFFs) season, the team thought it best to finish off this popular series based around the Battlefield games before diving back into Nudonia for more Doraleous & Associates. Not to mention they were still in the midst of completing their feature-length animation film, Toonstone.

Digging out three year-old character files, giving them a bit of a spruce up, and animating everything took up a lot of their time; not to mention creating a host of new characters, and longer episodes.

None the less, we're certainly excited to see Doraleous, Neebs, Drak, and Mirdon continue their adventures, parodying every fantasy book, film, comic, and video game that has come before it, such as Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, 300 and Harry Potter

If you want to brush up on your Nudonian history before the new series, you can still watch the first series (episodes 1-38) on YouTube.

BFFs, Go Fourth!

BFFs fans may also be rest assured that a fourth season of the show will also be making an appearance soon; in April, 2014 in fact. It will be great to see the Hank & Jed Movie Pictures's irreverent take on Battlefield 4, as well as sending up a war video gaming culture.

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Published Feb. 12th 2014

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