Political Animals: The video game for the 2016 election

Political Animals, a turn-based strategy PC game, helps users live vicariously as a presidential cartoon-animal candidate.

A turn-based strategy game called Political Animals will release to the public before the 2016 US election in November.

The PC game is an election simulation game that uses cartoon animals to portray candidates. The game is a wash of moral choices for the players.

The PC game takes place on an island with the user acting as a potential presidential candidate.

For each turn the player assigns tasks to their animal-candidate and election staff. These tasks can range from moving districts, raising money, holding a rally or committing different acts of bribery or corruption.

However, users don’t have to succumb to the gritty aspect of election life. Those players can choose to take the take the moral, but ultimately less exciting, high road.

Positech, the UK company publishing Political Animals, renamed the game from a game called Party Animals that has been in part-time development. The company is working with a new studio to develop the game called Squeaky Wheel based out of the Philippines.

The use of the cartoon animals by artist Ryan Sumo, from Squeaky Wheel and the game Prison Architect, gives the election season the whimsy it so desperately needs.

Cliff Harris, the man behind Positech, wrote in a blog post, “Politics and cute animals obviously mix brilliantly.”

Published May. 30th 2016

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