Warcraft 2016 move trailer leaked - check it out before it's taken down

A leaked video showing the Warcraft trailer has surfaced; but for how long will it be up? Check it out now!

Earlier today a video was leaked on the internet that resembles a trailer for the upcoming Warcraft movie that releases in 2016. Since this is a leaked video the quality isn't great, but the work that Legendary Pictures is putting into this motion picture is represented.

If you wish to watch the 40 second video, it can be found here, privately uploaded.Looking past the quality and language

When looking past the terrible quality of this leaked video, there are some characters from Warcraft that are shown with CGI input as well as actors. It may be a hard feat to ignore the quality with the watermarks, continuous motion of the camera while filming the video, and subtitles in Cryillic; but there is some obvious work that has been put into the highly anticipated video.The epic battle that will embody the Warcraft movie debuting on June 10th, 2016 will show a rift between humans, dwarfs, trolls, and orcs. With just under a year left before the release, there's bound to be more information shown with an official trailer, making the hype even more extreme.Only time will tell with how well Legendary Pictures represented the popular game, World of Warcraft.

Are you excited for the Warcraft movie? I've never been fond of the games but the movie looks very enthralling.

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Published Sep. 1st 2015

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