Scrolls Sales Cover Dev Costs In First Week

Scrolls has been in open beta for one week, and sales have already covered the cost of development.

Scrolls finally came out a week ago, and for the most part it seems to be impressing most of the people playing.  I have certainly been enjoying it.  The real question from a long-term success standpoint, however, is not how much fun the game is to the early adopters.  The people who jump on a given game immediately after it becomes available are generally the ones who were already excited, who would have enjoyed it almost regardless of how it actually played.  The real decider of success is money, and Scrolls has definitely fulfilled that requirement.

Carl Manneh posted a tweet just a few hours ago exclaiming the first week of sales of Scrolls during its open beta have already managed to cover the entire development cost of the game.

Everything earned from here on out is therefor pure profit or capital to immediately re-invest in the game itself.  In an age where major game releases can see millions and millions of sales and be considered financial failures, having a game that pays for itself in the first week is no small deal.

Larger publishers take notice, this is further evidence of something many of us who watch have been saying for a while.  You're doing it wrong.

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Published Jun. 10th 2013

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