Genshin Impact Treasure Lost, Treasure Found Quest Guide

The Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest in Genshin Impact is a long one. Here is how to find all the stone tablets and ruin writings to get the Berserker's Battle Mask.

The Treasure Lost, Treasre Found quest in Genshin Impact asks you to search ruins for some ancient stone tablets. This side quest is mostly just running around the Guili Plains searching for the stone tablets and ruin writing plates, but it has a big battle towards the end against three tough enemies.

Since the items you need to collect can be hard to find, this Genshin Impact guide will show exactly where to find each stone tablet and ruin writing plate. It will also provide a few tips on beating the enemies at the end of the quest and detail what you get in return!

Stone Tablet Locations

To start the quest, find Soraya in the Guili Plains, which is marked on the map above. 

Soraya will ask you to find five stone tablets. It's a bit difficult trying to give directions to where the tablets are, as they're scattered all over the ruins, but the pictures provided should help.

Stone Tablet 1

The first stone tablet is located to the left, as you go into the ruins. 

Stone Tablet 2

The second stone tablet is up ahead, slightly northeast of the first tablet, heading toward the bay between Guili Plains and Yaoguang Shoal. 

Stone Tablet 3

The third stone tablet is almost directly south of the second tablet, on the other side of the ruins.  

Stone Tablet 4

The fourth tablet is just east of the third tablet. Head to the other side of the ruin where you found the third tablet, and continue toward the cliff. 

Stone Tablet 5

The fifth tablet is west of the third tablet, heading toward the road that runs to the west of the ruins. 

Return to Soraya

Now go back to Soraya and report your findings. After you do that, you'll meet her at Wangshu Inn, and she'll task you on finding two more stone tablets!

The first stone tablet is by Luhua Pool, which is marked on your map.

The second stone tablet is south of the ruins you first explored. This is also marked on your map. You'll see a door that's covered in vines. Ignite them to clear them out, and then you'll find the tablet inside the room.

Go back to Soraya again in Wangshu Inn and she'll ask you to find four ruin writing plates. Great...more searching.

Ruin Writing Plate Locations

Ruin Writing Plate 1

The first ruin writing plate is marked on your map, and it's being guarded by some Anemo Slimes. Take them out to get it. Unfortunately, the next three plates are not marked on your map, so we've included the screenshots below.

Ruin Writing Plate 2

The second ruin writing plate is near Luhua Pool. You can find it northeast of the Luhua Pool writing on the map, in the plains to the east of the beach.

Ruin Writing Plate 3

The third ruin writing plate is close to where you found one of the stone tablets, south of the ruins where you first explored. It is on the cliffs south of the ruins, overlooking the ocean. 

Ruin Writing Plate 4

The fourth and final one is north of the ruins your first explored. It can be found along the Guili Plains eastern coast, just under the "S" in Guili Plains. 

Return to Soraya again

After collecting the four ruin writings, go back to Wangshu Inn and speak with Soraya. After all that searching, we're still not done. She'll ask you to find one more mechanism.

This one is probably the hardest part of the side quest, as you'll have a challenging battle ahead of you. So be prepared and bring along any food and make sure your equipment is good to go.

Final Mechanism location

The final mechanism location is barely north of the circular pond in Guili Plains, at the ruins between the pond and "Guili Plains" written on the map. 

Ruin Guards Fight

Once you activate the mechanism, three Ruin Guards will come alive and attack you. One is tough enough, but three of them at once is a challenge. You have a big open space to run around in, so make use of that to fall back and recover if you need to.

When fighting Ruin Guards, make sure to use a character with a bow, like Amber. Their weakness is their big glowing eye, so aim for that area.

After defeating them, the middle of the ruins should open up, and there will be three treasure chests inside. One chest in particular, the Luxurious Chest, contains the Berserker's Battle Mask, and Paimon will comment on the treasure. Grab the items from each one and report back to Soraya at Wangshu Inn. You're finally done!

That's all you need to know on how to complete the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found side quest and find the stone tablets and ruin writing plates! If this guide helped you, consider checking out our other Genshin Impact guides here!


Published Oct. 1st 2020

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