WildStar's F2P landing this Tuesday with new bells and whistles

WildStar's about to get a new injection of content and players.

WildStar's free to play launch is almost upon us, which means it's almost time for Carbine and NCSoft to bring the game back to relevance.

Based off the news posts and the official WildStar Twitter, Carbine Studios are hyped to bring the game to a wider audience -- especially with the new content and tweaks coming with the conversion to free to play. Prettier graphics and a more streamlined endgame? Yes, please.

Those of you that subscribed to WildStar previously have some extra benefits over new F2P players, and anyone who bought the game gets some goodies of their own to enjoy as well.

The game will also have a premium membership, as is the standard these days, called Signature. Signature will give a fair amount of benefits, even more than actually owning the game. Make sure you read up on the Signature system in the free to play FAQ to know what to expect come Tuesday.

WildStar's been a bit under the radar since a couple months after its full launch last year, but the free to play announcement and upcoming launch have some good buzz among the MMO community. Is it finally time for the game to take its place among some of the most populated MMORPGs today? Shifting to free to play gave massive population boosts RIFT, TERA, TES:O, and a whole slew of other games. Will it do the same for WildStar?

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Published Sep. 28th 2015

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