10 Most Cringe Worthy Original Sonic Songs

7 - Follow Me - Sonic Heroes OST

Composed by Jun Senoue and performed by Kay Hanley, on top of being horribly cringe, this is the song of Team Rose in Sonic Heroes.

Lyric Highlights

Anywhere you wanna go...
Anything you need to know!
All the best in life...
I wanna get it for you!
Lately I just feel so fine!
I imagine that you're mine!
In my world you're gold...
I only wanna protect you!

And whatever I want, I get...
I want a shooting star!
Whatever I need, I have...
When I'm with you!

I have serious questions about what Jun believes a healthy relationship looks like if this was his attempt at a love song.

Published Apr. 23rd 2017

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