GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals free update coming Dec 15

Executives and Other Criminals, a free update for GTA Online, will allow players to become VIPs, purchase a Super Yacht and more!

A brand new trailer has been released to the public regarding a very cool looking update for Grand Theft AutoExecutives and Other Criminals, coming December 15th as a free update. The update will allow players to build organizations, become VIPs or bodyguards, own a yacht and more!


By building their own criminal organization, VIPs gain access to special co-op jobs and challenges. They'll also earn special abilities in Freemode and can hire other players to work for them as bodyguards. It isn't yet known if anyone can become a VIP or if pre-requisites are demanded.


Players who don't become VIPs can join an organization as a bodyguard and earn a steady paycheck as well as additional RP, GTA$, and extra stat boosts. Be cautious if you choose this route! VIPs can choose to hire or fire any bodyguards at the flip of a switch.

Luxury Living

Executives and Other Criminals will include fully customizable apartments and beautiful houses in the Vinewood Hills, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What you're interested in is the lap of luxury: the fully staffed and upgradeable Super Yacht. The Super Yacht can be equipped with a missile defense system and assorted supporting vehicle upgrades including, but not limited to, the SuperVolito Carbon Helicopter.

New Mode: Extraction Adversary

The new organization-driven mode will task a team bodyguards with the rescue of their VIP, whose jet has just crashed, before an enemy squad intercepts and assassinates the target. 

And More!

Executives and Other Criminals brings new vehicles, weapons, modifications, exclusive transport and protection upgrades and more. Rockstar Games is asking interested players to keep their eyes on the Rockstar Newswire for upcoming details. Executive and Other Criminals will be downloadable by PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players on December 15th.


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Published Dec. 23rd 2019

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