More Luigi's Mansion 3 Footage Spotlights ScreamPark Minigames

Luigi's Mansion 3's ScreamPark mode has three multiplayer games full of frantic action for up to eight players.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is almost upon us, but that didn't stop the Treehouse folks from offering up another new video, this time showing off the game's three beefy multiplayer games in ScreamPark Mode.

Here's what we learned about the mode from the trailer about Ghost Hunt, Cannon Barrage, and Coin Floating. 

Luigi's Mansion 3: Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt is pretty much what it sounds like: you and your friends (a total of four players) form teams and try to take down as many ghosts as possible in a graveyard arena.

Points earned depend on the kind of ghost you capture, and there's an element of discovery involved as well, since not all ghosts will happily pop out of their resting places to get squashed by your team.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Cannon Barrage

Cannon Barrage is the next minigame shown off, and this is one for up to six players. Everyone, again, forms two teams, and the goal this time around is to break as many targets as you can with your cannons.

It might sound simple, but you'll also have to find cannonballs, load the cannons, and fire them while fending off the opposing team's attempts to steal your (cannon) balls. It's a mad frenzy that wouldn't be out of place in a Mario Party game.

Luigi's Mansion 3: Coin Floating

Finally is Coin Floating, the strategic pool floaty game for up to eight players. Coins fall from above, and everyone dashes to gather them — or to turn their ducky float into a weapon and bash opponents away. Mines fall periodically as well and follow players around the pool, blasting them out of the water and taking up precious coin-collecting time in the process.


Luigi's Mansion 3 is out on Halloween for Nintendo Switch, and if you're want to know more about it, catch up with some new footage and our E3 impressions as well.


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Published Oct. 24th 2019

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