Silent Hill's Keiichiro Toyama Shares Death-Game Inspirations for New Project

Silent Hill's Keiichiro Toyama wants to "shake up everyday life" with his latest project and has the creep-factor to do it.

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama is working on a new horror adventure game with his studio Bokeh and recently posted a video with some never-before-seen screenshots, plus insights into its ongoing development.

Toyama found inspiration for the as-yet-unnamed horror title in so-called death game stories, narratives that pit characters against each other in gruesome competitions, not unlike Danganronpa. Without giving much away about his upcoming game, Toyama said:

These [death game] works tend to add entertainment to somewhat brutal worlds, so I naturally took that approach. 

The view I have of horror is the everyday life being shaken. Rather than just showing scary things, it should question our position and make us challenge the fact that we're living peacefully.

Judging from the concept art Toyama shared, it seems safe to say Bokeh's new (and first) game will certainly shake up everyday life. The stills nearly all center on insects and other monstrosities in various stages of bursting out from human hosts, with one illustration — of the protagonist, perhaps — holding a sword and standing on the top of a building.

We still have a ways to go before seeing anything else about Toyama's new game. Bokeh's game is scheduled for release on "as many console platforms as possible" sometime in 2023.

[Source: IGN, YouTube]


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Published Feb. 15th 2021

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