Mobile puzzle game ranks 2016 US election candidates

In this free puzzle game from Shiny Shoe, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton match their way to collect votes.

Merica Match is a puzzle game developed by Shiny Shoe that claims to be able to predict the next president of the United States.

The game allows players to choose between Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to run as presumptive presidential candidates. Although two of the candidates listed are no longer running, players still have the option of choosing them.

After choosing their candidate, players campaign and work through a series of puzzles to collect votes and make it to the White House. Votes are tallied through the players' performance in each level. The more points a player collects in each level will translate to more votes for their candidate.

As the votes come in, Merica Match tallies them up to rank the presidential candidates in the game. Currently, Hillary Clinton is leading with 45 percent of the popular vote.

The game has over 150 levels filled with "senators, grandmas and eagles," according to the game's website. It also includes different features, or tricks, available to players including Social Media Storm and Explosion of Love.

Usually with political games, art is replaced with caricature. Shiny Shoe said that Merica Match's art is more geared toward making players feel comfortable choosing their favorite candidate. The "Disney-like art style" attempts to help the game keep an unbiased perspective.

Merica Match is available for free in the App Store and The Google Play Store.

Published Aug. 14th 2016

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