New PlayStation 4 Software Update Coming Soon

PlayStation 4's software is about to receive a facelift in the near future.

Since its release last November, the PlayStation 4’s software hasn’t changed all too much, but all of that is about to change drastically.

Sony is preparing to release an update that brings with it a number of new usability features. With the PlayStation 4’s Update 2.0, users will see a new redesigned home screen, new data backup options, a USB music player along with several new themes, just to name a few changes.

Gamers have been expressing their discontent with the current software, but have no fear, Sony is readily engaged in listening to their beloved fans.

Scott McCarthy, the Director for Product Planning and Software Innovation over at Sony said via the PlayStation Blog "We listen to our fans. PlayStation has heard gamers when they say they want more ways to find friends, and more ways to personalize their PS4."

He went on to add that to comply with demands of the gamers, Sony has also added a “Gamers you may know” file, where gamers will be able to find friends they might not have known played the same games they did.

Update 2.0 will also add the ability to play MP3, MP4, alongside other audio files straight from USB drives located in the front of the system. The option to play these will appear when you insert a thumbstick or drive. USB drives can also be used for data backup of photos or videos, as well as data restoration.

Interesting enough for PlayStation Plus subscribers, you will no longer need to install monthly games. Instead, you can add them to your library in order to permanently bind them to your account. No more worrying about using much needed storage space.

Although there isn’t any word on an official release date, Sony insists that it will be coming “Very very soon.” So hang back PlayStation 4 gamers, as you will be able to play your favorite games in style in the not-so-distant future!

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Published Oct. 21st 2014

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