Last Day On Earth Not Loading? Here's How to Fix It

Many players are getting stuck on a loading screen in Last Day On Earth: Survival. Here's what to do when the game just won't load.

Despite being a surprise smash hit on mobile platforms, Last Day On Earth: Survival is still very much an Early Access game -- falling prey to all the bugs, problems, and glitches which come with that label. One of the more common issues players are encountering in Last Day On Earth is getting stuck on a loading screen or loading bar.

Luckily, however, there are a few simple methods for fixing things when your Last Day on Earth game won't load. And in this short guide, we'll tell you all the fixes you can try so you can quit loading and get back to surviving. 

Fix 1: Check for Last Day On Earth: Survival's Latest Update 

Look, I hate to be that guy, but whenever you have software problems, it's always a good idea to check for updates and Last Day On Earth: Survival is no different. The game is getting updates fairly often, so make sure your current version of LDOE:S is the latest one before trying anything else. This can save you a lot of annoyance. 

Fix 2: Check the Last Day On Earth: Survival Facebook Page

As an Early Access game, Last Day On Earth: Survival will be going through server maintenance pretty frequently. This means there are going to be plenty of times where you simply can't load the game no matter what you try.

Save yourself the headache now and check the developer's official Facebook page for Last Day On Earth to see if the game's servers are currently undergoing maintenance. 

Fix 3: Reconnect Your Internet

Now that you've tried the first two methods -- and seriously, you need to try them  -- you can try fiddling with your internet connection.

With Last Day On Earth still running, go to the settings of your phone and turn off your WiFi or your mobile data (whichever you are using), wait a few moments, and then turn it back on. Return to LDOE:S, wait a few seconds for your connection to the server to be re-established, and the loading bar should start moving again. If not, check out the next solution to the game's loading problems.

Fix 4: Sign Into Game Center/Google Play Games

Another method that has fixed the loading issues for Last Day On Earth: Survival players is signing into Game Center (iOS players) or Google Play Games (Android players).

With the game still running, go to the Game Center or Google Play Games app, sign into it, then return to Last Day On Earth. After a few moments, the loading bar should begin moving again. 

Hopefully you now have a consistent solution to your Last Day On Earth: Survival loading issues. If you've found any other solutions to this frequent problems, remember to let your fellow players know in the comments section below. Also, feel free to check out any of our other Last Day On Earth: Survival guides here on GameSkinny: 

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Published Aug. 23rd 2017

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